"Take small steps forward using grounded tactics that ensure a soft landing with leaping outcomes"

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"If you block everyone out, you have nothing, if you let everyone in you are nothing."

"To give to a person is good, to help enable a person’s success is greatness"

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Vlad Bilanovsky

"Moshe is an incredibly bright and talented executive. I’ve been working with Moshe in various job roles and was always impressed with his strategic thinking, hard-working attitude and business ethics to grow the business by building long-lasting partnerships. He has shown his leadership skills, as well as tactical execution while managing our South African business during a complex transition.


Moshe is a pleasure to work with but he also challenges you professionally to achieve a better outcome for the business. He is always constructively focusing on business goals rather than personal agenda. Moshe is honest and trustworthy and has an aura of credibility and integrity around him that makes him even more effective as a leader and manager. I am confident Moshe will be successful in his future ventures and looking forward to work together again"

Chief Execution Officer at WiseTech Global
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Tammy Hamawi (Jp Qual.)

"It was an absolute pleasure every time Moshe and I faced a challenge we needed to solve together. I was Global Chief Sales Officer, and he was Managing the South Africa operations at WiseTech Global. Many recommendations focus on bright skills, and Moshe has many. He is highly skilled, knowledgeable and entrepreneurially hearted who loves responsibility. What I also hope to impart is an important skill I valued when working with Moshe... it is how he approached our conversations with the same desire.. to get the best solutions and keep each other productive. In an exceptionally high pressured business world today, working with colleagues that have the intelligence required to collaborate for more significant outcomes, rather than personal agendas, that’s what I found most rewarding working with Moshe. The challenge of working out from two different regions - Australia & South Africa - had no impact on our ability to connect every time there was a need to resolve a challenge. It’s a good feeling working with others who want your best interest at heart."

Accredited Neuroscience Brain-Based Coach

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James Powell

"When I first worked with Moshe at the Black Belt in Thinking Boot Camp, I realised I was dealing with a uniquely talented person. Moshe's natural talent with Problem Solving & Conflict Resolution were enhanced and extended that week, and he impressed the participants with his rapid application of the tools and techniques he was learning. After the course, he immediately applied and practiced the skills, and taught others. 


Moshe has studied extensively in Productivity concepts, such as Theory of Constraints, and understands the theory and practical applications of productivity techniques. He uses Strategy & Tactics analyses to develop plans and execute them, he understands that knowing "what done looks like" is more important than "doing stuff". Moshe generates Creative Solutions using a variety of tools, and has a natural flair for thinking outside the box. He works collaboratively to generate team-based solutions, and works well in a group environment. 


Moshe has high standards of personal conduct, honesty, ethics and integrity. He is respectful, caring and compassionate. Loyal and trustworthy. I am willing to work with Moshe on any project, any time."

Chief Productivity Officer at WiseTech Global

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Peter Cronin

"I had a great time working as an external consultant with Moshe, because I got to see both the creative productivity solutions Moshe came up with and how he lead the business in adopting them.


It comes through that Moshe is focused on long term collaborations, with win-win outcomes. This is reinforced by the positive comments I would hear from his team. Changes that were made by Moshe were always well thought out and considered. When introducing these solutions to the team making the changes, they were communicated in a positive and practical way ensuring everyone understood the benefits and what was involved. These aspects leave me very confident to say Moshe is both a great member and leader of a team, having the skill to find creative solutions and the character to implement them."

Director ViAGO International Limited | Lead Presenter Black Belt in Thinking

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Richard White

"Moshe worked at CompuClearing and then with WiseTech post the acquisition of CompuClearing as a senior business manager reporting to the CEO of CompuClearing and then to WiseTech senior management.  Moshe also worked with WiseTech for many years prior to the acquisition of CompuClearing as a key contact for the WisePartner arrangements in South Africa. Moshe has contributed to the establishment of the business development, customer service and support teams, and the WiseTech Partner program in South Africa. From the merge of the CoreFreight and CompuClearing business units until 2018, Moshe held the role of Managing Director, South African business unit."

CEO and software nerd at WiseTech Global


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