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Moshe Zuberg

Moshe Zulberg

I am an entrepreneur & a proud Tech Nerd. I am passionate about resolving business needs, learning and productivity. I enjoy assisting people and utilising technology.


I have had twelve years of experience in software solutions for the supply chain logistics industry, community relations and IoT with productivity at its core. As a result, I have worked in all aspects of a Software-as-a-Service (SAAS) provider. I enjoy working with, leading and learning from talented people, partners & clients in many regions around the world.


At the age of 29, I was an Executive Director of Compu-Clearing: a JSE listed Company.

I managed the South African acquisition of Compu-Clearing by Wisetech.

I became Managing Director of Wisetech Regional Office in South Africa as well as a Global Executive of the ASX listed company in Australia for over three years.

I have since built jonamo, an event and community management-as-a-service technology company, an IoT solutions provider, worked with VC's, and I am assisting multiple startups.


Entrepreneur | Creative Problem Solving | Productivity & Community Technology


Event Automation / Event Management / Event Design / Event Production / Productivity Technology / Productivity Consulting