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I am an entrepreneur & a proud Tech Nerd. I am passionate about creating opportunities in the end-to-end supply chain and resolving business needs, learning, productivity. I enjoy assisting people and utilising technology.
I have had twelve years of experience in software solutions for the supply chain logistics industry and IoT with productivity at its core. This enabled me to be involved in all aspects of a Software-as-a-Service provider. I enjoy working with, leading and learning from talented people, partners & clients in many regions around the world.
At the age of 29, I was an Executive Director of Compu-Clearing: a JSE listed Company.
I managed the South African acquisition of Compu-Clearing by Wisetech.
I became Managing Director of Wisetech Regional Office in South Africa as well as a Global Executive of the ASX listed company in Australia for over three years.
I have since built an IoT solutions provider, worked with VC's, and  I am assisting multiple startups.



​Vlad Bilanovsky

Chief Execution Officer at WiseTech Global

"Moshe is an incredibly bright and talented executive. I’ve been working with Moshe in various job roles and was always impressed with his strategic thinking, hard-working attitude and business ethics to grow the business by building long-lasting partnerships. He has shown his leadership skills, as well as tactical execution while managing our South African business during a complex transition.


Moshe is a pleasure to work with but he also challenges you professionally to achieve a better outcome for the business. He is always constructively focusing on business goals rather than personal agenda. Moshe is honest and trustworthy and has an aura of credibility and integrity around him that makes him even more effective as a leader and manager. I am confident Moshe will be successful in his future ventures and looking forward to work together again"




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